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Hello fellow Quarrenteenies! I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy! I know these times are very tough, not only because of the weight of the news and the reality of whats happening, but because we are tested to stop, take a breath, and live in our own bodies and brains for the first time in awhile. At first I was a little nervous, but i’ve found this time to be extremely helpful in my mental health and growth. I’m lucky enough to be quarrentined with someone I love along with four beautiful puppies. This time has given us the opportunity to make the best out of a scary situation (to say the least) and find ways to entertain ourselves and learn to love each other in different ways we would’ve probably never had the time for. Its a beautiful thing and its inspired me MOST IMPORTANTLY to focus on what makes me happy and what needs to change in my life to BE HAPPY! 

For example, I finally got the urge to start recording music again, for some reason the past few years it just hasn’t felt right… But its time and I can feel it! (I’ll post more info on new music soon)  

On that note I also wanted to share that Ross Flora, Jeremy Pearl and I will be doing a LIVE SHOW on Facebook this Sunday (April 18th) at 6pm Central time! come hang, request a tune, and enjoy our bananas for an hour! We plan to do it weekly at Sundog Recording Studio so if we don’t get to your request don’t worry!!  

I’d really like to talk more on Mental Health and hear from you guys on some of the things you’ve found most difficult during this time, and ways you’ve coped. Please send me a message on Facebook (EmileeAllan) or email me at if you want to share stories or just need someone to talk to. These are interesting times that are testing a lot of us, and theres no shame in sharing the ups and downs. After all, we are all human and we are ALL going through this together! 

I hope to see you tomorrow night on Facebook Live!! 


Emilee Allan

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