Been playing downtown Nashville with Cash Crawford and Ross Flora. We are having a great sound so we did a cover song.

Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars.

Take a listen  puchase and share if you like. We are raising funds for an original song.  

and great thanks to Mike Esser at Mount Monkeymore Recording Studio 

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Its been too long!! 

Hey guys!!

I know i post a lot on my instagram stories about what I've been up to, but its been quite awhile since I've given my blog any love...I wanna start by saying, WHAT IS TIME?!?! 2018 was a giant blur of Mercury being in retrograde and shifts in our universe-country-WORLD... It was very interesting, but hey... WE GOT THROUGH IT!!!! On a positive note, Ive been playing with a new band for the past 6 months. Its a trio with some of my very dear friends, Ross Flora and Cash Crawford. We have been…

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