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Emilee Allan: Country Girl 

Emilee Allan started singing when she was 8 years old with a karaoke machine her grandfather bought her. Her voice is both beautiful, powerful, and a great range. With a recent move to Nashville from her Michigan home, Emilee Allan is off to a great start in her career in the music scene. Her style is more country pop rock than anything else, but it has a soft tenderness to it that makes me quiver. Emilee has a range of sounds within her songs that displays her talents. The production quality of her music is excellent, as well. What’s so lovely about her music is that it has a strong

With lyrics that make you want to stand up and shout, “Celebrate You” is a great country pop song. It has a sweet violin part that dances around and grabs your attention immediately. Violin is one of the most beautiful instruments when done correctly, and I think that in “Celebrate You,” the violin is one of the best parts. Violins are like the “Little Cricket” from the film Men In Black. They are small but pack a HUGE punch, which is what makes them so wonderful when they’re in music.

Another song by Emilee you should check out is “Crazy Ride,” which is one of my favorites from her repertoire because it best displays her voice. When someone has a voice like this, they need to sing and share it with the world. Other songs you must hear are “Burned This Bridge,” “Don’t Leave Me Broken,” “Wrong For Me,” “Bad,” and my personal favorite “January.”

Enjoy and listen to her music here:

Written by
Dylan Gallagher


Jan, 13

Edwardsburg Argus, Emilee Allan CD Release Concert
"She recorded at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville with producer Kent Wells. A lifelong Edwardsburg resident who always lived in the same house, Emilee’s glad to have her sister for moral support when she gets “a little homesick.” She performed at 12 and Porter in Tennessee recently to showcase her recording. In 2008, while performing with the Young Americans as a freshman in Niles, she was selected to present one of her original songs, “Today is the Day,” which cinched for her what she wanted to do after graduation. Emilee, who won’t turn 19 until June 18, is the daughter of David and Cathy Woodill. Her stage name combines her parents’ middle names. We caught up with Emilee Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, she was meeting with a producer to see about touring with or opening for other artists."
- John Eby, Edwardsburg Argus (Jan 13, 2012) 


Jan, 12    Elkhart Truth

Allan will perform at the Lerner Jan. 28

ELKHART — Emilee Allan will release her first CD at a concert Jan. 28 at the Lerner Theatre, 410 S. Main St. Emily Woodill, a 2011 graduate of Edwardsburg (Mich.) High School, has gone by the stage name Emilee Allan during her two years of performing with Nathan Miles on guitar. She opened for George Jones at the Lerner in October, and was asked to return to showcase her debut CD, which will be released at the concert along with a signing after the show. She co-wrote eight songs on the CD. Tickets for the concert are $15 and are available by calling 293-4469 or visiting Concertgoers can get a $2.50 discount by using the promotional code BPF12812 when purchasing tickets. Local band South of Somewhere will open for the concert, which begins at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. The CD is available at and for listening at "
- Elkhart Truth News Paper (Jan 12, 2012)


Jan, 01   Evoice and Granger Gazzett

"Homegrown artist Emilee Allan is working her way up the ladder of success toward becoming one of America’s beloved country singers. Raised and educated in Edwardsburg, Michigan, Emilee is a 2011 graduate. She has been performing locally for two years at local venues. She also opened for George Jones at the Lerner Theater in October, 2011. Emilee moved to Nashville in November, 2011 to pursue her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. She has since played at the well-known place of 12 & Porter. Her CD is now available on CDbaby and Itunes and also for listening on her website: It was recorded at the world famous Sound Kitchen in Nashville with producer Kent Wells. Emilee will be hosted at the Lerner Theater in Elkhart on January 28, 2012 where she will return to showcase her new CD that will be available at the concert, followed by a CD signing. Emilee has co-written eight of the songs that are featured on her CD. "
- Christine Parkhurst, Evoice and Granger Gazzett(Jan 01, 2012)